Defending God's Truth

My Bio

I was saved August 2, 1968. I was a Bus Captain for 14 ½ years. I was a baseball coach for 20 years. I was called to full-time service in my late thirties. I was the Discipleship Director at our church for 4 ½ years. I retired from General Motors after 31 ½ years. While at GM I was working towards my degree through correspondence. In January of 1997 God called me into Creation Evangelism. I was later commissioned as a missionary evangelist. In 20 years I have given over 450 seminars in 27 different states.

My Doctorate

My degree is honorary and from a small bible college in West Virginia. I am not a scientist and I have no real credentials, so my posts should be easy to respond to. I have found that usually if an evolutionist doesn't have a scientific answer to the actual science that is being discussed, they resort to name-calling and attacks on a person's character.

I didn't buy my degree, and there were hundreds of hours of research and work involved, but my actual college training is only about two years from Bethany Bible College in Dothan, AL.

My Testimony

Before I was saved, most people thought I was a pretty good person. In fact, when I told one of my relatives that I had gotten saved, she said, “Saved? Saved from what? You never did anything!” But those people didn’t know my heart. Most of them didn’t know the language I used at work, or the books I used to look at, or the problems I had with my temper. But even with all of that, I still thought I was as good as the next guy. I still thought my good works outweighed my bad.

In 1967 my wife and I had started going to church and I had resisted the gospel many times. But on August 2, 1968, while lying on my back in bed about one o’clock in the morning, I had these words come into my mind, “You don’t have any assurance that you will wake up in the morning.” At that moment in my life, I knew I was a sinner in need of a Savior. If I had died that night, I knew exactly where I was going, and it wasn’t heaven. I said, “Oh God, I don’t want to go to sleep tonight without knowing for sure that I’m saved.” God answered my prayer.

From that point on my life began to change. I didn’t say anything to anyone at first because I thought I might fail. I had tried to live better before. But I started reading the Bible. I remembered someone saying that a new Christian should start reading the book of John first, so I did. After a few days, I began to be so filled with the love of Christ and what He had done for me that I had to start telling people about it. In over 52 years since, I have failed Jesus many times, but He has never failed me. The most important decision I have ever made was when I asked Jesus to be my Savior. Everything I am or have, I owe to Him.

My Beliefs

I believe that the Holy Scriptures are the inspired Word of God, historically and scientifically true in all their parts, and that in Jesus Christ man, through faith, has redemption from the fall into sin and the hope of eternal life.

I believe that the universe, human beings, animals, and plants were created by God--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit--during the six days at the beginning of the world as recorded in Genesis, chapters one and two.

I believe that those biological changes which have occurred since Creation Week are only variations within the created kinds.

I believe that the Great Flood described in Genesis, chapters six through eight, was a historical event, world-wide in its extent and effect.

I believe that the scientific evidence in the various science disciplines supports the view of Special Creation rather than the view of Evolution.

I believe Creation occurred approximately 6000 years ago. This date is derived through calculation of data from a straightforward reading of genealogies recorded in Scripture and is consistent with the best scientific evidence.